Why most of the infrastructures are done my foreign companies in Africa

Road network in Nairobi Kenya

Africa is no longer the dark
continent, it is growing continent every government or company is looking for
any opportunities available in Africa, yes nobody denies this Africa needs more
infrastructure, but why only foreign companies (Chinese) can do this, we has
natives is very difficult for us to do?. 
Reason why African governments regularly award infrastructures contracts
to foreign companies mostly Chinese. Why is this the case?

One third of the world population
lives in China, the government is creating opportunities for her people to go
out there and create jobs at the expense of the natives. China have just
completed one of the biggest project in their country with nothing much to do
they have to look for opportunities available for her people. Furthermore most
of these projects they finance through China Road Bridge Initiave. 

In the last decade foreign companies
had to buy their way into Africa through political channels but we see less of
that today. China and other foreign governments have realized that this
practice is a dead loss because in Africa new political figures will rise every
5 years and they would have to pay new people again.  On roads and water we know that in the past
several projects in Kenya and other Africa countries that started very well
only to die because of stupid reasons, thanks to the governments and Africa

Africa we have the required technical skills to build all these infrastructure
projects, but corruptions is making us do sub standards work. To win a tender,
most African contactors have to pay a bribe in anyway resulting to poor work. The
foreign contractors pay little or none since the contracts are pre-financed by
foreign governments or banks.

Yes the Africa governments are very
must concerned on the economic growth of the once dark continent, the Africa Union
in 2014 summit identified infrastructure projects as priority under PIDA, which
will cost approximately $350 billion before 2040. These kinds of costs are
beyond the financing capacities of governments or even donors. Attracting
private sector participation through Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) is
therefore essential. Moreover foreign contractors keep time in the project
construction while ensuring good quality.

Kigali Convention Center

The massive economic and population
growth is under way in Africa, which presents opportunities for its visionary
leaders to take advantage of foreign collaboration and to think about capacity
building. China can improve its human capital and take advantage of the
technology and capital investments, so can African countries. In this process,
the infrastructure can serve as catalysts for industrial growth.