Which Country Issued the Most Schengen Visas to Rwanda?

Which Country Issued the Most Schengen Visas to Rwanda?

By Ella Worehead

During 2017, Schengen embassies located in Rwanda collected 7,567 Schengen uniform visa applications in total.

Belgium was the busiest embassy. In 2017 they received a number of 7,326 visa applications, followed by France (133), Germany (103), and Netherlands (5).

A number of 5,537 applicants have been issued a Schengen uniform visa. Therefore the Schengen visa approval rate in Rwanda was 73%. Multiple Entry Visas shared just 28% of Schengen visa grants in Rwanda.

Belgium topped the list of Schengen countries which issued most visas to Rwanda’s citizens. According to the statistics, roughly 73% of the applicants in the Belgium embassy were granted a visa in 2017.

The Belgium embassy was the most selective at the most time. In 2017 they rejected a number of 1,512 Schengen visa applications in Rwanda.

The rejected visa applications in other embassies was as follows: France – 6 visas not issued, Germany – 3 visas not issued, Netherlands – 1 visa not issued.