SEAL sets Up The Biggest Dry Wood Park in Rwanda

SEAL sets Up The Biggest Dry Wood Park in Rwanda

Starting from the very first days of its activity in Rwanda in 2017, Sawmill East Africa Limited (SEAL) has invested about Rwf4billion to set up the biggest dry wood park in the country.

The funds have not only been invested in state-of the-art equipment and the factory itself, but allocated specific funds meant for a guaranteed environmental friendliness and properly taking care of their employees.

Seeking to comply with the highest sustainability standards, the company has established and launched the first biggest and most modern drying kiln machine in Rwanda and all East Africa.

The use of this machine does not only guarantee SEAL’s possibility to offer a broader and higher-quality wood product spectrum, but also helps to increase and develop the general quality level of the Rwandan timber industry.

The company’s CEO Agnis Magelinskas says that SEAL’s principles of sustainability and responsibility are based on 4 main pillars: environmental protection, the community, creating well-being and quality. The company believes that these values are the most important guidelines to be followed when seeking to build trust and long-term relationships with customers and consumers.

SEAL is regularly expanding its staff, this way contributing to the government’s goal to reduce the level of unemployment in the whole country. Already today the factory has employed over 250 new employees in Musanze district and the company has around 400 employees in total all around Rwanda.

SEAL believes that in order to preserve and conserve forests, it is not only important to replant trees–it is also crucial to know how to properly and safely cut them. The trees used in SEAL’s timber production are always cut by strictly following all the necessary and Rwandan government-approved requirements, as well as simultaneously conserving the Rwandan woodland and consciously contributing to the initiative of its preservation.

SEAL is actively collaborating with the technical department of the Rwandan Ministry of Environment and has agreed on the forestry management plan how they will take care of the forests.

SEAL is planning to organize special seminars and workshops meant to provide local specialists with new knowledge of the newest tree-cutting technologies and techniques.

Very important that SEAL itself has built a young tree nursery, and already in the first months of this year has grown 0,5 million of new trees, later planting them in the woodland. It is planned that by 2020 SEAL will going to replant over 2 million young trees.

Magelinskas claims that establishing a socially responsible company in a year is a big challenge. However, it is possible, says CEO of the biggest dry wood park in Rwanda.

“All you have to do is pursue your goals with the right motivation and by carefully taking into account all the relevant circumstances and, most importantly, the people: Everything starts with the right perspective and having trustworthy partners,” Magelinskas said.

“When you have reliable partners, you have a team that seeks excellence and mastery. And when you have team that seeks mastery, success is inevitable. Therefore, we are extremely happy that our social initiatives are supported and promoted by the Rwandan Ministry,” Magelinskas added.

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