SAFAT Aviation Group Exhibits Its Might at Aviation Africa 2019

SAFAT Aviation Group Exhibits Its Might at Aviation Africa 2019

Sudan’s state owned SAFAT Aviation Group, SAG will soon expand its aviation services to Rwanda market with focus on working with the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO).

“We shall be expanding our service to Rwanda, after talks with the Rwanda national police (RNP) who showed interest in purchasing our safat02 aircrafts,” said Mr. Mohamed Awad Abdelrahman, Safat’s Business Development Manager.

The safat02 craft is a light helicopter which is commonly used by armed forces patrol missions but also essential for pilot training aerial sport & photography, and advertisement among many other swift air services with a limited number of persons on board.

Mohamed Awad was speaking to Rwanda Business Daily (RBD) at the two day Aviation Africa summit held in Kigali from February 27-28, 2019 in which the Sudanese company exhibited its services among other global aviation companies.

President Paul Kagame also paid a short visit to the Safat stand at Kigali Convention Center, and was given a guided tour of Safat operations which majorly focus on MRO services.

MRO) is an essential requirement to ensure that aircraft are maintained in pre-determined conditions of airworthiness to safely transport passengers and cargo.

During the two days summit Safat also received very many visitors on its stand, which also gave many an opportunity to expose the summit attendants, especially the armed forces and civil aviation experts about its operations.

Commenting on the experience at the Kigali Aviation Africa Summit, Mr. Mohamed Awad said that “This was the first exhibition in Rwanda and it was an eye openers that has opened Safat group to more B2B networks and future business proposals.

Safat is Africa’s leader in MRO services in Africa with light craft manufacturing, logistical support and operations across Sudan and the Africa region.

On top of its three generation light aircraft known Safat1, 2 and 3, SAFAT also produces rocket launchers for aircraft, including the Karib ASML07, which takes seven rockets of 765mm in length, which can reach a maximum range of 8.5km.

SAFAT’s Fighter Centre specialise in the maintenance and overhaul of Russian and Chinese fighters flown by the country’s air force and by those of a number of countries in the region.

Among the Chinese fighter types it overhauls are the K-8, A-5, F-6, and PT-6. It also does maintenance and overhaul work on the Su-25, Su-24, MiG-29, MiG-23, and the Mi-24. Its capability on the K-8 extends to complete overhaul of the airframe and 95 percent of components, according to a company brochure.

SAFAT Aircraft Maintenance Centre has approvals to maintain and upgrade a range of Antonov aircraft. SAG also provides upgrades to the avionics and others systems on the Russian made Mi-24 helicopters.

It also runs Safat Aviation Group aviation academy, which provides pilot training and aircraft engineering, management, and manufacturing courses.

Safat is Sudan’s premier aircraft manufacturing and maintenance complex and one of the country’s busiest organizations. From its early beginnings in 2004.

Safat aviation and Belspetsvneshtchnika- a state military industrial committee of the republic of Belarus are parent companies to Sudanese-Belarusian joint venture (S&B Aviation Company) which is an independent legal body operating on behalf of each of the country’s (Sudan & Belarus) to deliver military-technical and dual purpose goods related to military equipment.