Rwanda’s IremboGov Launches New Citizen Certificate Application Service

Rwanda’s IremboGov Launches New Citizen Certificate Application Service

IremboGov, Irembo’s pioneer product, was launched in July
2015 and has since then digitized 98 public services, making it easier for over
8 million Rwandans and foreigners to access them.

Almost five years after coming into existence, Irembo is
rebuilding and upgrading all IremboGov services to ensure that they are

“We have listened to feedback from users and government
institutions on what is working and what is not. IremboGov 2.0, our new and
improved version, is a culmination of a long redesign process to achieve a more
efficient user experience.

The platform will launch with only 22 Local Government
services. Over the next several months we will enable over 70 more services.”
says Faith Keza, Irembo’s CEO.

Irembo partnered with MINALOC on IremboGov 2.0 first because
local government services such as Marriage, Birth and Single Certificates are
some of the most requested services today, contributing over 20% of all
applications on IremboGov.

Furthermore, of 3000 government officers that log in daily
to IremboGov to serve citizens, 60% are MINALOC officers, and coincidentally,
MINALOC was beginning to implement its own plan to fully digitize its services.
IremboGov 2.0 is 100% Made in Rwanda.

This means that changes can be made swiftly, to ensure we
can keep up with the evolving needs of citizens.

Below are some of the improvements citizens can expect from
the 22 redesigned Local Government services:

Zero-trip Zero Paper Services:

No physical paper or trips needed; all local government
certificates are now digital. Once a request has been approved, an email with
the eCertificate will be sent to the applicant or they can return to the
platform and download their document.

IremboGov 2.0 features an all-new simple, more user-friendly
interface that enables a more pleasant user experience.

“We are excited to begin this journey with MINALOC and look
forward to having 100 improved services on IremboGov 2.0 within the next few
months with the support of our various government partners.” says Faith.

For example, a Birth Certificate no longer expires after 3
months meaning citizens can apply for a Birth Certificate once and access it
anytime they need it simply by logging in and downloading it.

This saves citizens time and money requesting the same
documents over and over again.

Three Steps Only:

All services have been reduced to only 3 steps: Apply,
Review and Pay. Where possible, attachments have been removed across the new

IremboGov 2.0 uses integrated data from various government
systems to ensure citizens aren’t asked for information that is already
available to the government.

As such, for citizens’ data privacy, all accounts will be
re-created to ensure the security of the owners information.