Rwanda’s 1st electric motorcycle cover 250,000 kilometers

Rwanda’s 1st electric motorcycle cover 250,000 kilometers

Minister Claver Gatete joined the Africa’s electric vehicle company (Ampersand) to celebrate 250,000 kilometers traveled by its 20 e-motorcycle taxis in Rwanda, an opportunity to witness the feasibility of electric mobility in the country

Since May 2019, Ampersand launched twenty e-motos operating
on a commercial basis, taking passengers and goods across Kigali. Drivers rent
batteries from a network of Ampersand charging stations around town that they
swap out in less than two minutes.

Minister Gatete said Government of Rwanda envisions to
achieve green &sustainable transportation.

“The Government is committed to promote e-transport as a green mobility option which is also a viable solution to reduce air pollution in Kigali as well as in other urban areas” he said.

Motorcycle taxi drivers in Kigali cover around 188 km per day. Motorcycle taxis have become indispensable to mass mobility across the continent. In East Africa alone, there are over 3 million people who earn their livelihood as drivers, and many millions more who rely on them to get around.

Ampersand is an electric vehicle company, developing
mass-market shifts from petrol vehicles to direct, cheaper, better electric
replacements. It is currently undertaking electric motorcycle taxi (e-Moto)
trials in Rwanda, prior to a commercial launch of the fleet in late 2019.