Rwanda Business: Journalists Empowered to Report on the Capital Markets

Rwanda Business: Journalists Empowered to Report on the Capital Markets

On 21st June 2019, the Capital Market Authority (CMA) in partnership with the Media High council (MHC) trained 20 business journalists from various broadcast, print and electronic media houses on how to report about capital market business in Rwanda.

This year’s training focused on educating and exposing business reporters on the business of capital market licensed intermediaries as key players in developing Rwanda’s capital market industry.

The acting Executive Director of Capital Market Authority, Eric Bundugu stressed that CMA is here to collaborate with you to really educate effectively Rwandans on how to save and invest through the capital market products.

“We truly value your role and your support in our daily activities in educating your audience about saving and investing in the capital market products as the Rwandan capital market industry is growing.”

Bundugu added that “We want to empower media practitioners with skills on covering the capital market industry in Rwanda. We believe that they need to understand the capital market operations before they can disseminate information about it.”

Rwanda Stock Exchange’s Chief Executive Officer, Celestin Rwabukumba advised journalists to approach them for giving factual information.

He said: “I would like to encourage you to approach us and giving you factual information that you may put in your stories, because we need every Rwandans to be convinced and come to invest in the stock market.”

“If you disseminate accurate and timely information on the stock market by using figures and facts, you will likely to attract citizens’ attention and enable them to make financial decisions,” he added.

The Executive Secretary of the Media High Council, Peacemaker Mbungiramihigo noted that business reporters can play a great role in the growth of the capital market in Rwanda by doing well researched and in-depth stories about the sector.

“In sensitizing people to embrace the culture of  saving by investing in capital market as they not only own shares in listed companies but can use their Securities as Collateral or liquidities if they need cash to invest in other business.”

Daniel Sabiiti, a senior business reporter at KT Press said that “I have been reporting on capital market business for the last three years, but I still have so many things to learn so that I can professionally disseminate facts based stories to the audience on how to save and invest through the capital market.”

Simon Peter Kaliisa from the New Times stressed that “We are not only learnt on how to report on capital market but also we have got skills of how to invest and save through stock market, we suggested that stock market practitioners should collaborate with us every day so as to specialize in this business area.”

The Capital Market Authority (CMA) in collaboration with the Media High Council (MHC) organizes, on annual basis, a hands-on training for local business journalists from different media houses on how best to report about capital market business.

The main objective of such training aims at focusing on basic skills on an effective reporting about capital market business and building capacity of our local business media community with an ideal approach for disseminating simply the news related to capital market business to be comprehensible by their targeted audience.