Rwanda Among Top 10 Places to Visit In 2019

Rwanda Among Top 10 Places to Visit In 2019

Forbes magazine and travel advisory companies has listed Rwanda among top 10 coolest places to go visit in this year 2019

Experts who spoke to the US based magazine says Rwanda has emerged as a leader in conservation in recent years creating an attractive safari environment for tourist all over the globe.

“In addition to intimate wildlife experiences, including gorilla trekking and tracking golden monkeys in Virunga, the luxury lodge offerings are impressive: Wilderness Safaris’ Bisate Lodge has views of Volcanoes National Park; One & Only Nyungwe House, on the edge of Nyungwe Forest National Park, opened recently” said Biggs Bradley.

On this list of adventurous resorts is Magashi, another Wilderness Safaris lodge, which will open soon in north eastern Akagera, said Bradley.

In a related development, Members-only boutique travel company, Indagare, scoured the globe, forecasting their favorites into a list of must-visit emerging destinations putting Rwanda in the third place, following Ethiopia and Cabo/Los Cabos respectively.

Besides trekking Gorillas in the Mist, other places to visit while in Rwanda include:

Akagera National Park is home to some of the most impressive animals on the planet, including elephants, zebras, buffalos, baboons, leopards and hyenas, creatures who have found a home here amongst the stunning savannas, dramatic mountains, green grasslands and tree-fringed lakes.

One of the most impressive ways to experience Rwanda is through hiking. The Congo-Nile Trail is a famous passage that winds alongside the country’s most famous stretch of crystal water, Lake Kivu, and offers participants dramatic vistas, thick vegetation and of course, the rolling hills from which Rwanda earns its affectionate nickname.

Situated in one of the country’s more scenic areas, Mount Bisoke, an active volcano on the border with The Democratic Republic of Congo, is a must-see for anyone looking to explore the beauty of Rwanda’s provincial areas

The 250,000 acres, Gishwati Forest is one of the most impressive sites in Rwanda, and boasts some of the most spectacular views of Lake Kivu as well as over 1450 types of birds.

Lake Kivu is known to be one of the world’s only three known “exploding lakes.

Kigali Memorial Centre Genocide Memorial is not known for its overt beauty; it is a plain, modern building surrounded by gardens, and, marking the site of one of the largest massacres, there sits a concrete mass of graves.

Rwanda is home to one of Aftica’s last remaining high altitude tropical rainforests, situated in Nyungwe Forest National Park. It is one of the most bio-diverse forests in the world, and is home to more than 1080 plant species as well as 250 Albertine Rift Endemic bird types, an attraction which brings in bird-watchers from all over the globe

Tea plantation may not be the most obvious of things to do in Rwanda, but in the province of Gisenyi, one of the best activities to partake in is just this.