Fashionomics Africa launches “game changing” Digital Marketplace

Fashionomics Africa launches “game changing” Digital Marketplace

African Development Bank’s flagship initiative, Fashionomics
Africa, has launched the pilot phase of a digital marketplace to help Africa’s
fashion designers, textile and accessories professionals connect with global

The launch took place on 25 November at the Global Gender
Summit, a gathering of more than 1,500 representatives from multilateral
development banks, finance institutions, governments and private sector leaders
in Kigali, Rwanda.

The Fashionomics Africa digital marketplace website and
mobile app, sponsored by the Fund for African Private Sector Assistance, is the
latest innovation from Fashionomics Africa, a platform enabling African
entrepreneurs from the textile, apparel and accessories industries to create
and grow their businesses, with a focus on opportunities for women and young

“It is the first-ever B2B [Business-to-Business] and B2C
[Business-to-Consumer] platform that has ever been created for, micro, small
and medium-sized enterprises that are working along this value chain,” Dr.
Jennifer Blanke, the Bank’s Vice-President for Agriculture, Human and Social
Development, said at the launch.

“It is all really for connecting business to business, businesses
to consumers and ensuring we are putting into place all we need to really
transform the clothing and fashion industries in Africa,” she added.

The Fashionomics Africa digital marketplace and mobile app
provides relevant market information, like market prices for textiles and
clothing or listings of trade conferences, to increase transparency in the

The aim is to connect suppliers, buyers, manufacturers and
distributors to consumers and investors – to increase access and grow markets.
To facilitate trade within Africa and worldwide, the digital marketplace and
app operate through secure e-commerce and online payment systems.

“The Fashionomics Africa digital marketplace will be a
game-changer for Africa’s fashion entrepreneurs, to be able to reach regional
and international markets and increase their revenues,” said Mahlet
Teklemariam, Founder of Hub of Africa, an Ethiopia-based fashion platform that
promotes African brands. 

Hub of Africa was one of the exhibitors at the
Bank-organized Fashionomics Africa pop-up market at the Global Gender Summit.
The pop-up market featured 43 regional fashion brands and showcased the ‘Made
in Africa’ business case for fine garments. It celebrated the power of African
culture as an economic asset, a driver for growth and regional integration, as
well as a source of jobs for our youth and women.

The Fashionomics Africa digital marketplace website and
mobile app aims to increase productivity for fashion entrepreneurs through
capacity building and online training tools; and facilitate access to finance
through traditional and innovative financing channels.

After registering, the digital marketplace and app are free
to use. The app is available for Android and Apple devices:

Register for the Fashionomics Africa digital marketplace