Why most of the infrastructures are done my foreign companies in Africa

Africa is no longer the dark continent, it is growing continent every government or company is looking for any opportunities available in Africa, yes nobody denies this Africa needs more infrastructure, but why only foreign companies (Chinese) can do this, we has natives is very difficult for us to do?.  Reason why African governments regularly […]

President Trump becomes third U.S. president to be impeached

House of Representatives voted along party lines to done a historic move making President Donald Trump to be the third USA president to be impeached, charging him with high crimes and misdemeanors (abuse of power and obstruction of Congress).The president will wait the final verdict from the Senate for a trial which will start early […]

Volkswagen to Launch new Electric vehicles in Kigali

Volkswagen to Launch new Electric vehicles in Kigali

Volkswagen, a Leading German car manufacturer is importing a batch of electric-powered versions of its Golf hatchback car to Rwanda for a local ride-hailing service, establishing a bridgehead in the country that it hopes to expand to other nations as it seeks to increase market share globally. Importing the vehicles into Rwanda – which sells itself to […]